The Bigger Picture Lisbon – Lisbon, Portugal

Fri 27 Sep 2024 12:00 - Sun 29 Sep 2024 22:00 WEST
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“The Bigger Picture” conference series brings together leading lights from across the gender space to challenge and explore the narrative about sex, gender and medical transition. At Genspect we welcome civilised debate as we believe it brings about better outcomes and so we offer a myriad of perspectives. Attendees will hear from subject matter experts including eminent scientists, researchers, lawyers, doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, sociologists, educators, feminists, and some well-known detransitioners who gather together to challenge the evidence base for gender medicine and described the widespread damage that gender identity ideology has wrought. 

Presentations, panel discussions, debates and a live-streaming interview ensure that all sides of this complex issue are addressed. 

"The Bigger Picture, Lisbon" will be the 3rd conference in this series; check out our past conferences in Denver and Killarney.

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Speakers at Bigger Picture Lisbon include:

  • Lionel Shriver
  • Michael Shellenberger
  • Kathleen Stock
  • Peter Boghossian
  • Helen Joyce
  • Andrew Doyle
  • Julie Bindel
  • Frank Furedi
  • Andrew Gold
  • Eliza Mondegreen
  • Susan Evans
  • Marcus Evans
  • Laura Becker
  • Bev Jackson
  • Sarah Phillimore
  • Dr. Louise Irvine
  • Bob Withers
  • Graham Linehan 
  • Chris Elston
  • Shannon Thrace
  • Mia Hughes
  • Claire Fox
  • Emma Thomas
  • Alex Capo
  • Christina Buttons
  • Carrie D. Mendoza
  • Stella O'Malley

And many more!

*If you are a detransitioner and the cost of attending poses a challenge, please reach out to us at [email protected].